Step 2's Vision

Young people will be healthy in every way, supported by quality services and each other.

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Step 2's Mission

To enable children and young people to live healthy lives by providing information and delivering services to them, to their families, or to professionals who work with them.

Step 2 began on the Bierley estate in Bradford in 1993, when a youth worker assisted a group of young people to secure funding for a project that would give health information to them and their peers. It has evolved over the years, but still exists to protect and promote the good health of children and young people who are subject to health inequalities within the Bradford Metropolitan District.

We have a stable, committed and dedicated staff team, who all have a commitment to enabling young people to be physically and mentally healthy, happy and successful.


In everything we do our work will be guided by these principles:

Young People Centred - In everything we do the young people we work with and their families can rely on us to be working in their best interests

Trustworthy – people can trust us to do the right thing, even where this is the hard choice.

Competent – people can rely on us to do our job well, and to strive for excellence in everything we do.


The principle services provided by Step 2 to are as follows:

Sexual Health Services

  1. Prevention work
  2. Outreach work
  3. Group work around safe relationships
  4. Relationship and Sex Education


Counselling Service

  1. Working with young people
  2. Working with young people and their families

These services benefit many people, and many other agencies.


The following list summarises the principle beneficiaries of Step 2’s service provision:

  1. Young people
  2. Families
  3. Health providers
  4. Education providers
  5. Local Authority
  6. Local Communities

Since its formation Step 2 has developed excellent resources.  Specifically, the charity benefits from a high quality and dedicated staff team.  Through the good work of the charity staff and trustees, Step 2 has developed an excellent reputation in Bradford for the help that they provide.