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Step 2 Supports Young People's Health

Responsive, straight-talking health support that young people relate to and teams learn from.

Step 2 offers a range of services to young people in schools,
community sessions and through outreach,
offering services to young people individually, in groups or in whole class settings.

Step 2 values all individuals equally and stand together to support and empower all children, young people, their families and the people who work with them. 


We strive to create inclusive and person-centred services, that create safety and deepen connections with the wide range of diverse communities that we serve.

Young People

Step 2 provides an opportunity for you to talk about your problems, challenges and difficult feelings in a safe confidential environment. Your counsellor will listen to you with respect and without judgement.
Step 2 Supports Young People's Health
Step 2 Supports Families and Parents


All parents usually try their best to help their children and young people to grow and develop to their full potential, but sometimes this can feel really challenging for parents. We can offer a range of support to help with this.


Step 2 offers support for schools including tailor made packages to suit your needs. Both school and community based counselling and CPD training and workshops.
Contact us for more info.
Step 2 Supports Schools and other Professionals

 Step 2's workers are real and credible for young people and the Bradford community. Step 2 is an organisation that makes Bradford a better and a safer place for young people and their families.

Assistant Principal of a Bradford Secondary Academy

More About Step 2

Regrettably we have had to temporarily  close our waiting list.

For support with your emotional wellbeing please contact Youth in Mind | Mind in Bradford

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Step 2 Supports Young People's Mental Health
Many young people are struggling with how they feel.

They are having problems with friends, family or school, they are anxious, depressed, angry or scared and need to talk to someone, but find it difficult to talk to people they know.
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