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Our History

In 1993, when a group of young people from Bierley estate in Bradford needed help to secure funding for a project that would give them and other young people like them vital health information, a youth worker stepped in to support them.

That was the beginning of Step 2 and is the same work we carry out to this day.

Yes, we have evolved over the years, expanding our services to help more client groups with more issues and throughout the Bradford District, but the nature of our work is the same - protecting and improving the health of those children and young people subject to health inequalities. 

Where we are now

We have developed excellent resources and benefit from a highly qualified staff team, dedicated to helping young people. Through the good work of the charity’s staff and trustees, we have developed an outstanding reputation in Bradford for our work and the difference it makes to young people’s wellbeing and life choices.

We are proud to be where we are today, in a position to help even more children, young people, families, looked after parents and children, and adults with learning disabilities, to access the real support they need to be healthy.  We are proud of the partnerships and links we have made with other professionals, helping health and education providers, the local authority and Bradford communities make life-changing difference to young people.

We Support

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