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Our Vision

Step2 kids charity support

Our vision is for young people to be healthy in every way, supported by quality services  and each other.


To help us achieve our vision, our mission is to enable children and young people to live healthy lives by providing relevant information and services to them, their families, and the professionals who work with them.


We recognise that the success of our work, our mission, depends on several essential principles, which we have identified as:

  • Young-people centric – acting only in the best interests of young people and their families

  • Trustworthy – trusted to do the right thing even where this is the hard choice

  • Competent – relied upon to do our job well and strive for excellence



In our work, and our dealings with other professionals, partners, agencies, and each other, we demonstrate our values, which are:  

  • Relevance – we are clued up on the contemporary health and social issues affecting the people we help

  • Accessibility – we are as accessible as possible to those who need us

  • Effectiveness – we are goal-centred and holistic in approach because this makes the most impact

  • Responsivity – we act where we are needed

  • Straight-talking – we talk clearly, honestly and directly so people can understand us

  • Value for money – we give value for money in our services and in the long-term positive impacts on society we make

We Support

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