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Relationships and Wellbeing

Step 2 Supports Young People's Health

Our sexual health and relationship work with young people in the community is wide ranging and can be commissioned.


We have established many effective partnerships enabling wider delivery.

Where there is a community, group, or individual requirement for improved understanding of healthy relationships and sexual health, our team is responsive.

Group work

We offer relevant sexual health outreach programmes targeted to improve the emotional wellbeing of children and young people, and educate on a range of health-related issues. We deliver outreach programmes in community settings, schools, colleges, youth clubs and health centres, adapting our programme to suit the needs of the group.

Our group work programmes include:

·     INSIGHT – into emotional well being

·     PROTECTIVE BEHAVIOURS – to support personal safety

·     IMPACT– addressing negative attitudes towards females

·     BUMPS – understanding teenage pregnancies



Adults with a learning disability

We have previously been commissioned by the local authority to work with adults with additional needs to improve their understanding of healthy relationships and sexual health.

In one-to-one sessions, tailored to be appropriate to each individual adult, we adapt our approach and programme to achieve engagement and provide a positive learning experience.

Contact us to find out more or to make a referral please click here.

C-Card outreach and support

We deliver the successful C-Card scheme which offers free condoms and sexual health advice to young people aged 13-24.  Young people in any of our other services can sign up, or can contact us for support.

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