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Step2 Stories

Debbie was referred to the Step2 Counselling service based in her school in Bradford.

She was involved in a controlling relationship with her ex-boyfriend which affected her self-esteem and she had been self-harming as a way of coping with feelings of anxiety. She also experienced difficulties with her body image, which had been present for some years.

Debbie talked through the flashbacks and memories she had been experiencing.  This helped her to identify the nature of these experiences and what they meant to her. This process also helped her to separate what happened in the past from what was happening in the present, particularly connecting with the relative safety felt in the present.

The Counsellor supported Debbie to focus on her self-esteem, body image and self-harm. She talked about how she often rejected compliments but was able to recognise that she was generally popular with other people her age. She also spoke more about her current boyfriend and how this felt different to her previous relationship. She talked about her goal to become a lawyer and her enjoyment of the new puppy they had at home.

By session 12, Debbie stated she felt her flashbacks and anxiety had decreased and she knew how to respond to these to help decrease them further. She felt more emotionally in control and was no longer self-harming.  Her mind was much more in the present and working towards her future goals. She felt that her confidence had grown. She had respect for herself and learnt the boundaries and values that she wanted in place for herself and with others.

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