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Step2 Stories: Tania

Tania was referred into the Step 2 Young Parent Support Service by her Social Worker.

Tania was 18 years old, 7 months pregnant, a single parent, and a care leaver with unstable housing who was due to have a pre-birth assessment done by Social Care. To begin with Tania was wary and concerned that her Step 2 worker would be reporting back to Social Care but once she’d been reassured that this wasn't the case, the relationship developed well.

Tania's Step2 worker supported and enabled her to learn more about pregnancy, birth and parenting; to make a claim for Maternity Allowance and to access other approriate services.

Tania had been living with maternal Grandparents, she did have her own tenancy and a flat but it was on the other side of Bradford (away from family support) so she was supported to discuss and address this with her Social Worker.

Tania's relationship history had been difficult at times and she was no longer with the unborn baby’s father, so she and her Step2 worker looked at what a healthy relationship might look like and discussed issues around consent and rights.

Together they focussed on Tania's future plans. She had given up college due to her pregnancy but was now feeling encouraged to look at different options and return to college once the baby had arrived and she felt ready.

Social Care completed their pre-birth assessment with Tania and decided that there was no need for them to be involved. The last visit from the Step2 worker was to see Tania and her new baby – both were thriving!

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